The rise of the Mummy Blogger


The rise of the mummy blogger has been absolutely phenomenal. With so many high-profile mummies turning their every day experiences with their little ones in to entertaining social media posts, there is undoubtedly a massive audience who can relate to and appreciate the struggle!

It was only a matter of time really for when brand would realise the true money-making opportunity presented by these honest, straight talking noncommissioned ladies who like to share both the good and bad on any topic, product or experience.

There are now several blogging networks in existence aimed at connecting mums with brands to create huge outreach campaigns. The Tots100 network is there to allow bloggers to share, meet and take advantage of of opportunities to work with brands, attend their events and make money. is one network that I particularly like, though obviously aimed at mums it brings together a collection of mummy lifestyle bloggers and social influencers under one portal. They have also teamed up with the Affiliate network Affilnet to help bloggers connect with an array of leading brands, as with all networks they take care of all the invoicing and paperwork and all you need to do is sign up, promote and blog!.

If there ever was the perfect work from home job, this would definitely be it!